Large Pores - New Laser treatment For Enlarged Pores

Restylane - Large Pores - New Laser treatment For Enlarged Pores

Good morning. Yesterday, I learned about Restylane - Large Pores - New Laser treatment For Enlarged Pores. Which is very helpful to me and you. Large Pores - New Laser treatment For Enlarged Pores

Large pores or enlarged pores on the face are a very frustrating problem for many people. Large pores are prone to forming blackheads and acne. Large pores also often stand out and are more noticeable when makeup is applied.

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Treatment of large pores in the past has been primarily directed towards drying agents to reduce oil yield in the skin. These treatments do help, but they are temporary measures and do not turn the skin buildings in a way to reduce pore size permanently.

What Causes Large Pores?

The pores on your face are small holes in the skin which are the openings of the oil glands on the face. These glands, called the sebaceous glands, form a small sack below the skin which produces normal skin oils called sebum. There are two basic causes of large pores, which is enlargement of the opening of the oil gland onto the skin:

o Excess Skin Oil Production- citizen with oily skin have more oil producing cells in their sebaceous glands, the oil producing glands below the skin. As more sebum or skin oil is produced, the oil gland enlarges and becomes distended. As the gland and oil sack come to be enlarged the opening of the oil gland onto the skin, the pore, becomes stretched and appears on the skin as a large or enlarged pore.

Large pores in young facial skin are most common in the areas of the face where the many amount of oil glands occurs-the nose, forehead and chin. This is often called the T zone, and if you check you will find these areas have more skin oils that the cheeks and eyelids.

o Aging of the Skin- As our face skin ages many very vital changes occur. The most astonishing aging turn is loss of collagen. Collagen is a very important supporting buildings in the skin. The oil glands and pores are surrounded and supported by collagen. When collagen is lost with aging, the oil glands and pores loose withhold and come to be lax and the pores come to be larger.

Interestingly, enlarged pores in aged facial skin also occur on the cheeks, an area which has fewer enlarged oil glands in younger citizen with oily skin. The pores are there in younger citizen but oil yield is less and the pores are not large. Any way when the supporting collagen is lost with aging, the pores can show up in all face areas.

New Laser treatment

The new laser treatment works because new collagen is produced which supports the oil glands and as a matter of fact squeezes or constricts the pore itself by compressing the opening of the pore onto the skin. This laser treatment is called combined laser therapy and is a two step process:

o Non-ablative 1540 or 1440 Laser Treatments-We use a 1540 or 1440 Fractional Erbium Laser to treat the facial skin. There is no down time-your face will have some added color immediately after the treatment for about a day or two. These lasers go deep into the skin and stimulate your skin to make new collagen to compress the pores.

You will need 3 treatments scheduled about 3-4 weeks apart. Treatments take about 30 minutes and are done by our medical aesthetician.

o 2940 Ablative Fractional Laser Resurfacing-At your last non-ablative treatment the physician will do an additional treatment called a Fractional Ablative Laser Resurfacing. This treatment is an actual laser skin peel. Any way the new fractional laser is much gentler than the old fashioned Co2 laser resurfacing. Your skin will peel and your skin will be red for 5-7 days.

We do use a topical anesthetic for your comfort.

Our results with this new combined laser advent have been very impressive. Older Co2 laser resurfacing as a matter of fact made pores larger.
The new advent using fractional laser technology is much good at construction new collagen to compress the pores. We have seen surprisingly good results in even older aged skin.

Other Supportive Measures

Traditional methods include skin oil discount with Brevoxyl skin washes, microdermabrasion, and oil reducing medications such as Retin A, Differin, and Acccutane. These treatments must be discontinued during the combined laser therapy. Any way after your skin recovered, you will be re-evaluated for the need for these primary supportive therapies.

This new combined fractional laser treatment is a superior and truly revolutionary new therapy. The results, especially in aging skin are truly excellent. If you are troubled by enlarged pores on your face learn more about this piquant new treatment which may be what you are seeing for.

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